A person who impressed me

You know the signs: For most of my life, my need to be liked overshadowed all my other needs.

A person who impressed me

Never once have I met one who boasted of being one-eighth Swedish. InaboutAmericans identified as Cherokee. Bythat number had risen toMore than any other tribe, Cherokee is the one people are pretty sure they have an ancestor from, despite not being able to name the ancestor or show any proof of such an ancestor, because such an ancestor never existed.

It's not just guys who squint in the sun and look like Steven Seagal who think this way, either. A heritage they have always treated with the respect it deserves. There's a long, robust history behind this bullshit that first stems from a hint of reality and then gets shat about by idjits, as is the case with most things.

Cherokee Indians had been living in the southeast U.

A person who impressed me

And being a savvy people, they started marrying Europeans to solidify trade deals and other such business relationships, the way people did back in the day. Then one day the Trail of Tears happened. The government didn't want any Native tribes just wandering around doing as they pleased, and tried to usher them all together in a forced upheaval.

The Cherokee, as it happens, were some of the most educated amongst the tribes at the time, and were also some of the most resistant to their forced displacement. Now picture this idea of an educated group of individuals and businesspeople, in the South, being told by the government that they couldn't stay in their homes and fighting to resist it.

In the South, the Cherokee became heroic figures -- fighting the government that tried to take their land and tell them how to live. Combine this with their openness to living with and intermarrying with other cultures, and they were just the friendliest, coolest kids on the block.

Who wouldn't want to be part Cherokee? Probably these guys, right about then. They had a Cherokee princess grandmother who fought against the meddlesome government, despite the fact there's no such thing as a princess in Cherokee culture.

A more sinister motive lies in how, after the Trail of Tears, members of the Cherokee Nation were entitled to compensation from the federal government.

And if people exploiting tragedies in modern times have taught us nothing else, it's that people love exploiting tragedies. If you could just claim to be Cherokee and get some cash back in the day, why not? Of course, most false claims were rejected, because the Cherokee have impeccable records about bloodlines and ancestry.

But that's not going to stand in the way of confused white people. Because since the Cherokee are the perfect mixed of oppressed, light-skinned, and "civilized," they really appealed to those who wanted a little exotic flavor in their family tree, but didn't want to resort to seeming unsavory in any way.

So next time someone claims to be part Cherokee but can't accurately detail their family tree, which they should be able to do, feel free to point all of this out.Topic: Describe a person who impressed you Outline: 1.

Describe how you got to know the person 2. Describe why you were impressed by her.

Impressed 'With'? Or Impressed 'By'?

3. Describe some . Just people who impress me Private Club Houston, Texas I don't like filtering through hundreds of rides just to see the cool rides from awesome peopl.

So I'm making a group so I . Men Don't Care About Your Accomplishments in the same way that the guy is trying to impress them. This is normal. Very few people go on dates with no intention of impressing the other person. There were so many people in my life who made me believe that the things that they felt were important for me to be a successful woman were going.

k Likes, 2, Comments - Ben Haggerty (@macklemore) on Instagram: “Such a genuine person. Brilliant sense of humor.

A true artist. Your spirit is what impressed me ”. My inspiration is my sister. She encourages me and gives many tips to handle difficult situations and she motivates every time.

She is a brave and confident person to tackle and fight against every difficulty. But I am opposite to her, so I am trying to be brave as her. She 's the person inspired me a lot.

I know people that could serve me canned tuna and saltine crackers and have me feel more at home at their table than some people who can cook circles around me. The more you try to impress people, generally the less you do.

Impressed 'With'? Or Impressed 'By'?